Thursday, 5 August 2010

Just natter :)

Asalaamulaikum :D

I know it's been about 2 weeks since I last posted something. A lot has been going on.

Finding myself again, went through such great lifts of emaan ALHAMDULILLAH I've been at such peace.
Mum's in hospital again
And there's been talks about sisters marriage.
As for myself. Give it a few months inshaAllah and I can tell the parents. (Providing my sister's side of things is confirmed and clear and I have my sister's support and a good script ready lol)

Right now I am just sooo looking forward to Ramadan. I'm worried I won't get things done though :( these days time is going scarily fast and as each day passes, evening time approaches and I always ask myself- what have I done today that has been of benefit for my akhirah, and the answers worry me! lol. But even if I am with family, I should make my intentions pure and inshaAllah Allah will reward that, I am always remembering Allah in everything I do though so alhamdulillah I am always aware I need to use time wisely.

Like today, had family around and kids and cousins and grandmother and aunty, so did alot of feeding and dishes and just keeping company (as one of my cousins is disabled) and maybe that was going on for about 5hours, I spoke to my cousin about Islam, make sure she knows the basics, and I remembered the hadith about 'if a person looks after the needs of another then Allah will look after his needs', I think I will remmeber that all the time when doing things for the fam :) makes me feel like my time is spent in a good way...rather than thinking I havent accomplished anything.

I'm kinda tired now. I won't be blogging much from now I don't think. Unless I really have to. I just need to come on before Ramadan once more to remind myself of my Ramadan goals :D

I hope you're all well.

I pray Allah makes you able to reap the full benefits of Ramadan and keeps you strong in emaan throughout the year.