Friday, 23 July 2010

Productive Ramadan

Asalaamulaikum :D

I came across a GREAT initiative!! For Ramadan. I am soooo excited about it and this project that will be going on looks super awesome!

Awesome enough for me to share it with you guys. Please join in, sign up to the mailing list and make your Ramadan veryy Productive!

Don't forget to share on your blogs please and share through facebook, twitter, e-mail etc.
Imagine the reward for helping people to make the most of their Ramadan. Muslims will no longer have a lazy image when Ramadan comes, lets revive the Ummah and bring back the productivity of Islam into our lives

Click this link-


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Ramadan...It's coming!!!!! ^_^

Salaaammm lovellyyy people. I am alhamdulillah in a very good mood :D

Ramadan is sooo close! I am fasting today, didn't realise it was 1st Sha'ban though when I woke up before Fajr lol. Alhamdulillah it's going ok... I know I need to really take my iron tablets before Ramadan though, so I dont get too weak.

I just wanted to post up my Ramadan goals... Last year I didn't really have any aims but I did finish reading the english translation of the meaning of the Quran and I did learn a few dua's and things but this year, I am aiming HIGH.
A few aims which I hope to achieve this Ramadan:

- Finish the Qur'an (I always attempt this but either just about make it or fall a bit short because of that time... have to work around it and make sure I dont fall behind!)

- Memorize Allah's names (preferably with meaning, I knew them before but then I went down to just knowing the arabic and now even the arabic ones I've forgotten some and just get mixed up)

- Read through the translation of the meaning of the Quran (yup I haven't read through it since last year!)

- Learn Qur'anic arabic. (A shortcourse can be found at- just click on short courses and go on 'English 2007' Ive had a brief skim and it looks ok.)

- Learn daily dua's (for everyday things like changing clothes, leaving the house, when it rains etc. etc.)

- Try and learn as much as I can about the Seerah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad salallahu 'alaihi wa sallam

- Memorize a few surahs (I want to know atleast 25 of the last ones in Juz 30, I know some already, and if I can maybe a bigger one like surah Fajr, Naba, Mulk, Waqiah or something)

- I want to hold an islamic cirlce at my house a few times a week after taraweeh inshaAllah. Always great to remember Allah and be surrounded by angels, especially in Ramadan :)

- And if I can fit this in, I want to learn about the sahabah, even if I know just an overall picture of the ones most commonly mentioned

and yup that's what I aim to accomplish inshaAllah. I'm so excited! And the past couple of days have been rather great because I think I am actually learning to manage my time well. I have a to-do list and write everything big and small on it and now I have less time just sitting around thinking of something to do and more time getting through what needs to be done. And if I do have a moment of doing nothing I feel like 'time is wastinnnng...must find something to do..!' and just pick up an islamic book or something :) it's rather productive. Alhamdulillah.

May Allah help us all to make the most of the blessed month of Ramadan, accept our deeds and make us firm on the Deen. Ameen.

Friday, 9 July 2010

I just don't get it...!

Salaam... I'm not THAT stressed out but it shows how I slightly feel

Ok so today my mum has said things that have really left me thinking 'what on Earth' :S she doesn't get me.!

As you know I have an older sis and very much of the time I am under her shadow! And this morning we were in the kitchen and my sis done sumin wrong or something and my mum start saying 'youve changed, education is making you like this, and you have too many friends, you dont concentrate on things at home, you need to sit with guests when they come and know how to host' etc... and it sounded like she was generalising her statements to me as well as her.

And there are many things irritable with this.
1. since the holidays started, more than 5 weeks ago, Ive gone out with uni friends once (and my sister was there aswel), and with school friends once. And yesterday one of my mates came over. Now is that too much???? My sister sees her friends and goes to their houses and goes out much more than me. and still I get this? :( what do I have to do?

2. Education- I said education doesnt make you like this, but mum said it has an influence. Ok studying a particular subject will change your behaviour and character? uhh I think it to be unlikely. And I clearly remember my mum comparing me to my sis when I was applying to uni, saying things like 'how come ur sister knew what she wanted to do years ago and you havent decided yet, you should have researched more, you have to get into this uni'... and now we are at 'fault' for going into education???
She wants us to do well but then why say things like this?

3. with the guests, not many people have come down recently but when they have (like the other day and the other week) I've been sitting there aswel with my mum. So again what more can I do?

4. I can somtimes tell that my sis has slightly become a bit lazy and she needs to control her anger more and work on her patience but we can all improve and I am trying so hard with these things, I usually stop the quarrels between siblings and try not to get involved and when things do happen I keep my kwl and just get on with whatever.
But we are not kids, ofcourse we are going to mature and develop our own sense of thinking, and even on the Islamic channels sometimes they speak about how parents, instead of understanding their kids (cos we are brought up in such different cultures), they try and change them to be the way they were. I think my mum does that, she quite often says things like 'when i was your age' 'i learnt to do this like this and that like that' 'we didnt go out' 'we didnt have computers' etc etc. But we do. And we cant change that because that is the way our generation is.

I dont know where she's picking these things from. Usually she gets influenced by some more traditional family friends. ucchhhhh.
It just knocked me down so much! I spend lots of time with the fam, especially with my lil bro and sis, I have much more patience with them and play with them more than my older sis who is usually occupied with video games or watching episodes of this and that. I go out like hardly at all compared to most people. (my school friends went out the other day, theyr going out today and theyr going out sometime next week and I am not going with them). I do sooo much cleaning! And mum knows I'm the only one who actually puts effort in to keep the house tidy.

Ah well... I guess I'll try more ? somehow.

Thursday, 1 July 2010


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