Thursday, 29 April 2010

My Inspiration

Just thought I'de write this up so I can look back at it and keep my inspiration engine revvvving :)
So here's some people who inspire me in different aspects of my life, my thoughts and ambitions, my goals and aspirations.

Malcom X & Muhammad Ali- nuff said :)
Great men, done extremely well throughout their lives in the sense that they gained success in the eyes of the generations to come and their lives hold so many lessons for all of us. How they followed their own stars and didn't trail behind the herd of sheep. How they both found Islam and found true peace despite the difficulties around them. We can learn how our fears of 'what will people think' should NEVER hold us back, we should hold on tight to what we believe, for justice and for truth, no matter how many boulders block our way. The hearts of these men were/ are so pure and so good, only filled with desire for love and brotherhood.

On a different note you have;
Mohammed Ali Aerosol Arabic- You have to check his work out, sooo talented mashaAllah-
His work never fails to amaze me. Shows what you can do if you keep working on your strengths.

Sister Farzana Khundmir- she is the founder of www.TheMuslimCoach.Com. She trained as a Life Coach, in Canada, under Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef, and obtained her degree in Psychology from University College London. She specialises in business coaching, marketing and web design. She has also conducted numerous workshops and webinars. Sister Farzana is passionate about helping sisters uncover their hidden potential.

Sister Fatima Barkatualla
Mother of 3 boys aged 8, 6 and 4...has homeschooled and now has children at school. Has written for various Muslim and non-Muslim publications including emel Magazine, SISTERS Magazine, The Muslim Weekly, The Times newspaper and Times Online. Presenter for the Ask About Islam show on Radio Reality. Has been an Arabic language teacher and is an iERA da'wah course instructor.

Zohra Sarwari
International Speaker, International Author, Home Schooling teacher, and Life and Business Coach- her motto;
"Do Your Best And Let The Creator Take Care Of The Rest"

Its amazing to see how people progress and develop, they not only help themselves in the process but help others, eveyrone starts small but as time goes on things get bigger and better, I haven't failed to notice the efforts put in by regular people in order to achieve their goals, and this really motivates me, take the following for example;

The brothers and sisters behind
Productive Muslim and Productive Muslimah-

And habibi halaqas-

And I'll leave it at that :)

Monday, 26 April 2010

EARLY start!

Asalaamulaikum dudes!
I have finally managed to wake up for fajr and stay awake and do some work! :D

Since a week or so I have been trying to change my routine because I sleep too much (and still feel tired) and I have lots of things to do! I decided to sleep around 11 then wake up for fajr and stay awake then sleep between Zuhr and Asr.
My fajr salah has been missed for a few days because like I said, I sleep too much.
But I know it's not a light matter and I pray Allah keeps giving me the strength to pray it everyday.

I managed to type up my essay this morning, ok that doesn't sound like much but I feel like its a good accomplishment when I say 'I finished my essay' :) alhamdulillah. Oh wait, I'm 5 words over the word limit, my conclusion is a tad bit short and I have not done the references, I hate these little things, I can't be bothered to do them because they take ages but gotta be done I guess.

I feel like a nice cold bowl of coco-pops :)

Exams start in 2 weeks and I have not started memorising my notes! InshaAllah I'll be fine. As will those of you who also have exams, just keep your days productive and don't leave things to the last minute (I think I should take my own advice lol).

Ok as you can probably tell from my unstructured post I don't really have anything of interest to say. I shall be off, to touch up on the essay.

Goodmorning :)

Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Goodly Life

Life is either for a person or against him. Its hours and seconds, days and years pass by him. Leading him (by his actions) to the love and good pleasure of Allah until he is amongst the people of Ultimate Success and the Gardens of Paradise, or they are against him; leading him (by his actions) to the Fires of Hell. And to the anger of The One, The Just Ruler (Allah).

Life, either it will make you laugh & rejoice for an hour, over which you will cry for an eterntity (in the Hereafter). Or it will make you cry for an hour, over which you will laugh and rejoice for an eternity (in the Hereafter). Life is either a great blessing for a person, or an adverse affliction against him. This is a life that was lived by the earliest generations, by our fathers and forefathers, and by all those who preceeded us. All of them returned to Allah with what they use to do (their deeds).
‘Life’ refers to every single moment that is lived within it. And every hour spent within it. And within all of these, we live a life that is either for us or against us. Thus, the successful and happy person is one who sees life and recognizes its reality and true nature. For by Allah, it is a life that frequently causes some people to weep. Their tears never drying. And frequently makes others laugh, their laughs and joys then never to return.
Allah has made this life as a trial, a test, an exam,
in which is made apparent the true nature of His slaves. Thus, happy is the one made successful (in this exam) by the mercy of Allah. While miserable and driven away is the one upon whom the pleasure of Allah becomes forbidden (through this exam). (Know) for every hour that you live, either Allah is pleased with you in this hour (by your deeds) or the opposite, we seek refuge in Allah from that. Therefore, (by this hour) either you come closer to Allah or stray further from Him. Thus it may be, that you live a single moment of love and obedience to Allah by which are forgiven the inequities of your life and a lifetime of sins. And it may be that you live a single moment in which you deviate purposely from the path of Allah, distancing yourself from His obedience, which then becomes a cause of misery & distress for the rest of your life.
We ask Allah for His safety and pardoning.

In this life there exist two separate ‘callers’.
The first is anything that calls to the mercy, the good pleasure and the love of Allah (be they thoughts or actions).
The second type of caller is anything which invites the opposite of that. (Such as) a desire or lust that incites one to evil, or a sudden sinful whim that may result in an evil ending (dying in bad or sinful circumstances).
Thus it may be, that a person, within a moment of his life, weeps, a weeping of regret and repentance over his negligence towards his Lord and by (these tears) Allah changes his evil deeds into good deeds (on his record).
But how many a people continue to commit sins? How many a people still indulge in evil? How many a people continue to distance themselves (from Allah), frequently travelling away from their Lord (by their actions)? Thus all of them are distant from the mercy of Allah, unbeknownst to them, strangers to the good pleasure of Allah. Then comes upon them that hour, that exact moment (of penitence), which is what we are referring to by ‘the goodly life’, in order that they shed tears of regret and remorse, and that a reason for anguish in the heart may be ignited, such that a person realizes how long his alienation from Allah has been, and how long his absence from his Lord truly has been, so that he may then say “Indeed I am turning to my Lord repentant, remorseful and in hope of His mercy and good pleasure!”. This type of penitence is a person’s key to happiness and contentment, the time of regret, it is as the scholars say, “Indeed man sins a great deal, but if he is truly sincere in his regret and repentance, Allah will change his sins into good deeds”.
Thus his life too then becomes pure and goodly, by the purity and truthfulness of that regret and repentance and by the sincerity in the very distress and pain felt within himself.

We ask Allah the Most Great Lord of the Honourable Throne, to give life to this blessed caller to His mercy, within our hearts, and to the pain we should feel when we are neglectful towards Allah and His commands.

Every single one of us needs to ask themselves a question, we need to ask ourselves day and night, how many nights are spent awake in activity? And how many hours (are passed in this way)? How many have laughed in this life? And (most importantly) was Allah pleased with this laughter? How much time was sent in entertainment & enjoyment in this life? Was this enjoyment one that Allah was pleased with? How many nights were spent awake (in activity)? Was this staying awake (and what you did), pleasing to Allah? And so on and so forth, these are questions that he should be asking within himself.
But a person may wonder why he should be asking these questions (i.e. What is the point?) Yes! You must ask yourselves these questions, as passes not the instance of a blinking of an eye, nor a fleeting moment on your life, except that you are living in and experiencing the blessings of Allah! Thus it is from great respect and humility towards Allah that a person remains constantly aware of the greatness of the blessings bestowed upon him. From this humility is to truly feel and acknowledge that the food we eat belongs to, and is provided by, Allah. And that we quench our thirst with a drink created by Allah. And that we are shaded and sheltered by a roof provided by Him. And that we walk forth on a ground provided by Him. And that without doubt we are living in, and experiencing, His every bounty and mercy, so what could we possibly have to offer Him in return? So it’s important a person asks himself these questions.

For example, doctors say there exists in a person’s heart, a substance, that if it was to increase or decrease by 1° he would die instantly. So (think) in which courtesy and kindness, which mercy and compassion from Allah does mankind enjoy, experience and live in! Even if a person asks himself about the mercy of Allah alone, when he wakes up in the morning possessing his hearing and his sight and possessing his physical strength, Who is the one actually safeguarding his hearing? Who is the one safeguarding his sight? Who is the one safeguarding his intellect? Who is the one guarding his very soul? He must ask himself, who is the one protecting all these things? Who is the one who bestowed him with good health and wellbeing? Think of those who are sick, lying on white beds (in hospital), sighing and in pain.
By Allah, through these great blessings Allah conveys His love for us, the great blessings of good health, wellbeing security and safety. All of these are provided purely so we may live a goodly, wholesome life.
Allah, Praised and Exalted is He, desires two things from His slave; the first is that he carry out his obligatory duties (e.g. prayer), and the second, is the abandonment of all Allah has forbidden and held him back from. As for the one who claims the closeness to Allah entails a life of suffering or limitations, then such a person without doubt has erred greatly in how he perceives Allah. For, by Allah, if you do not purify and make good your life by closeness to your Lord you will never be able to do so by way of anything else. And if you do not purify and adorn your life by carrying out your obligatory duties to Him, and abandoning all that He has forbidden, then by Allah you will never be able to do so by way of anything else.
A person may experience every single pleasure life has to offer, but by Allah, he will never experience anything more pleasurable, more beautiful than servitude to Allah, by carrying out his obligations to Him and leaving all that He has forbid him from.

(In life) you are subjected to two choices; whenever you are faced with a matter, you have the choice to do it or not do it. If you decide to go forth and do anything in this life ask yourself, “has Allah permitted you to do this thing or not?” For anything at all you wish to do, since the human being himself is owned by Allah, and the hearts are owned by Allah, and the souls are owned by Allah. Thus, a person should, whenever he wants to do something or hold back from it, ask himself, will Allah be pleased with you (by this action)? If so, then he can proceed. Or will Allah not be pleased by this action? If not then he should hold himself back. For, by Allah, a person does not proceed with an action nor hold back from it, requesting Allah’s mercy (and counsel in the decision) except that he pleases his Lord in the process.Therefore true happiness and a goodly life are only found in closeness to Allah. Closeness to who? To the King of Kings, the Controller of the Heavens and the Earth, to whom belongs the ultimate command, all creation, and the perfect arrangement and measure of all that exists.

Thus you may find that man is always in a state of anxiety and weariness. You may find an individual who has everything he desires. But by Allah, you will find most of those who have all they desire, suffer from mental or psychological problems, from anxiety and depression, most of them are extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives. Go and look for the wealthiest person, you’ll most likely find him to be from the most miserable people in life. Why? Because Allah has made the comfort and ease of the soul to be found in being close to Him, and has placed the key to a pleasurable, amiable life, in a pleasurable, amiable relationship with Him. (If we look at just) one prayer a person performs from the 5 obligatory daily prayers, at the moment of completing his bowing and prostrating and completing his servitude to his Lord, then at leaving the place of prayer, he feels a great sense of ease and peace within himself! By Allah even if he were to spend all the wealth on the Earth in attempt to buy this feeling, he would be unable to seek a way to it.

Thus the goodly life is found only in closeness to Allah. A pleasant, comfortable life will only be found by closeness to Allah.
If a person does not purify and make good his life through this close relationship, then by who (or what) will he?

By Sheikh Muhammad Mukhtar Ash-Shinqitee

Monday, 12 April 2010

10 Ways to Avoid Marrying the Wrong Person

There is a right way and a wrong way to get to know someone for marriage. The wrong way is to get caught up in the excitement and nuance of a budding relationship and in the process completely forget to ask the critical questions that help determine compatibility. One of the biggest mistakes that many young Muslims make is rushing into marriage without properly and thoroughly getting to know someone. A common myth is that the duration of a courtship is an accurate enough measure of how compatible two people are. The logic follows that the longer you speak with someone, the better you will know them. The problem with that premise is that no consideration is given to how that time is spent. Increasingly, young Muslim couples are engaging in “halal dating,” which is basically socializing with each other in the company of friends and/or family. This includes going out to dinner, watching a movie, playing some sport or other leisure activity, etc. Depending on the family or culture, conversations are either minimal & chaperoned or worse, unrestricted and unsupervised. When you consider these limitations it makes one wonder when exactly, if ever at all, would the critical conversations take place? Unfortunately, for many, the answer is never and they live to suffer the consequences. If you or someone you know is in the “getting to know someone” phase, the following guide offers advice on exactly what to look for and avoid:

1) Do Not Marry Potential: Oftentimes men consider marrying a woman hoping she never changes while a woman considers marrying a man she hopes she can change. This is the wrong approach on both accounts. Don’t assume that you can change a person after you’re married to them or that they will reach their potential. There is no guarantee, after all, that those changes will be for the better. In fact, it’s often for the worse. If you can’t accept someone or imagine living with them as they are then don’t marry them. These differences can include a number of things such as ideological or practical differences in religion, habits, hygiene, communication skills, etc.

2) Choose Character over Chemistry: While chemistry and attraction are no doubt important, character precedes them both. A famous quote follows, “Chemistry ignites the fire, but character keeps it burning.” The idea of falling “in love” should never be the sole reason for marrying someone; it is very easy to confuse infatuation and lust for love. The most important character traits to look for include humility, kindness, responsibility, & happiness. Here’s a breakdown of each trait:

* Humility: The humble person never makes demands of people but rather always does right by them. They put their values and principles above convenience and comfort. They are slow to anger, are modest, and avoid materialism.
* Kindness: The kind person is the quintessential giver. They seek to please and minimize the pain of others. To know if a person is a giver, observe how they treat their family, siblings, and parents. Do they have gratitude towards their parents for all that they’ve done for them? If not, then know that they will never appreciate what you do for them. How do they treat people they don’t have to be kind towards (i.e. waiters, sales associates, employees, etc)? How do they spend their money? How do they deal with anger; their own anger and their reaction to someone else’s anger?
* Responsibility: A responsible person has stability in their finances, relationships, job, and character. You can you rely on this person and trust what they say.
* Happiness: A happy person is content with their portion in life. They feel good about themselves and good about their life. They focus on what they have rather than on what they don’t have. They very rarely complain.

3) Do Not Neglect The Emotional Needs of Your Partner: Both men and women have emotional needs and in order for a partnership to be successful those needs must be mutually met. The fundamental emotional need of a woman is to be loved. The fundamental emotional need of a man is to be respected and appreciated. To make a woman feel loved give her the three AAAs: Attention, Affection, & Appreciation. To make a man feel loved give him the three RRRs: Respect, Reassurance, & Relief. It is the obligation of each partner to make sure the other is happy and this extends to intimacy as well. As long as each partner is fulfilled by the emotional needs of the other, the intimate relationship will thrive. When a man takes seriously the emotional needs of his wife she will feel more encouraged to fulfill his sexual desires. Likewise, when a woman takes seriously the emotional needs of her husband he will feel more encouraged to give her the affection, love and appreciation she wants from him. Working together in this way encourages both giving and receiving.

4) Avoid Opposing Life Plans: In marriage you can either grow together or grow apart. Sharing a common purpose in life will increase the chance that you will grow together.

* You must know what the person is into. In other words, what are they ultimately passionate about? Then ask yourself, “Do I respect this passion?” “Do I respect what they are into?”
* The more specifically you define yourself, i.e., your values, your beliefs, your lifestyle, the better chance you have of finding your life partner, your soul mate, the one you are most compatible with.
* Remember, before you decide who to take along on a trip, you should first figure out your destination.

5) Avoid Pre-Marital Sexual/Physical Activity:

* Recognize that there is incredible wisdom in why God has ordered us to refrain from intimacy before marriage; they are to prevent great harms as well as to keep sacred what is the most blessed part of a relationship between a man and a woman.
* Aside from the obvious spiritual consequences, when a relationship gets physical before its time, important issues like character, life philosophy, and compatibility go to the wayside. Consequently, everything is romanticized and it becomes difficult to even remember the important issues let alone talk about them.
* Intellectual commitment must be established before emotional or sexual commitment.

6) Avoid Lack of Emotional Connection: There are four questions that you must answer YES to:

* Do I respect and admire this person? What specifically do I respect and admire about this person?
* Do I trust this person? Can I rely on them? Do I trust their judgment? Do I trust their word? Can I believe what they say?
* Do I feel Safe? Do I feel emotionally safe with this person? Can I be vulnerable? Can I be myself? Can I be open? Can I express myself?
* Do I feel calm and at peace with this person?

If the answer is “I don’t know, I’m not sure, etc.” keep evaluating until you know for sure and truly understand how you feel. If you don’t feel safe now, you won’t feel safe when you are married. If you don’t trust now, this won’t change when you are married!

7) Pay Attention to Your Own Emotional Anxiety: Choosing someone you don’t feel safe with emotionally is not a good recipe for a long-lasting and loving marriage. Feeling emotionally safe is the foundation of a strong and healthy marriage. When you don’t feel safe, you can’t express your feelings and opinions. Learn how to identify whether you are in an abusive relationship. If you feel you always have to monitor what you say, if you are with someone and you feel you can’t really express yourself and are always walking on eggshells, then it’s very likely you are in an abusive relationship. Look for the following things:

* Controlling behavior: This includes controlling the way you act, the way you think, the way you dress, the way you wear your hair/hijab and the way you spend your time. Know the difference between suggestions and demands. Demands are an expression of control and if the demands are implied, than you must do it or there will be consequences. All of these are clear indications of abusive personalities.

* Anger issues: This is someone who raises their voice on a regular basis, who is angry, gets angry at you, uses anger against you, uses put downs, and curses at you, etc. You don’t have to put up with this type of treatment. Many people who tolerate this behavior usually come from abusive backgrounds. If this is the case with you or someone you know, get help right away. Deal with those issues before getting married or before even thinking about getting married.

8) Beware of Lack of Openness In Your Partner: Many couples make the mistake of not putting everything on the table for discussion from the onset. Ask yourself, “What do I need to know to be absolutely certain I want to marry this person?” “What bothers me about this person or the relationship?” It’s very important to identify what’s bothering you, things that concern you, and things you are afraid to bring up for discussion. Then you must have an honest discussion about them. This is a great way to test the strength of your relationship. Bringing up issues when there’s conflict is a great opportunity to really evaluate how well you communicate, negotiate, and work together as a team. When people get into power struggles and blame each other, it’s an indication they don’t work well as a team. Also important is being vulnerable around each other. Ask deep questions of each other and see how your partner responds. How do they handle it? Are they defensive? Do they attack? Do they withdraw? Do they get annoyed? Do they blame you? Do they ignore it? Do they hide or rationalize it? Don’t just listen to what they say but watch for how they say it!

9) Beware of Avoiding Personal Responsibility: It’s very important to remember no one else is responsible for your happiness. Many people make the mistake of thinking someone else will fulfill them and make their life better and that’s their reason for getting married. People fail to realize that if they are unhappy as a single person, they will continue to be miserable when they are married. If you are currently not happy with yourself, don’t like yourself, don’t like the direction your life is going now, it’s important to take responsibility for that now and work on improving those areas of your life before considering marriage. Don’t bring these issues into your marriage and hope your partner will fix them.

10) Watch Out For Lack of Emotional Health and Availability In Your Potential Partner: Many people choose partners that are not emotionally healthy or available. One huge problem is when a partner is unable to balance the emotional ties to family members, the marriage ends up having 3 (or more) people in it rather than two. An example of this would be if a man is overly dependent on his mother and brings that relationship into the marriage; this is no doubt a recipe for disaster. Also important to consider are the following:

* Avoid people who are emotionally empty inside. These include people who don’t like themselves because they lack the ability to be emotionally available. They are always preoccupied with their deficiencies, insecurities, and negative thoughts. They are in a perpetual fight with depression, never feel good, are isolated, are critical and judgmental; tend to not have any close friends, and often distrust people or are afraid of them. Another clear indication about them is they always feel their needs are not getting met; they have a sense of entitlement and feel angry when they feel people should take care of them and they don’t. They feel burdened by other people’s needs and feel resentment towards them. These people can not be emotionally available to build healthy relationships.
* Addictions can also limit the level of availability of the partner to build a strong emotional relationship. Never marry an addict. Addictions are not limited to drugs and alcohol. They can be about addictions and dependency on work, internet, hobbies, sports, shopping, money, power, status, materialism, etc. When someone has an addiction, they will not and can not be emotionally available to develop an intimate relationship with you!

Additional Points to Consider:

1. The fact is no one looks 25 forever. Ultimately, we love the person we marry for more than their appearance. When we get to know someone we love and admire, we’ll love them for their inner beauty and overall essence.
2. Once we find someone, we consciously or subconsciously want so badly for it all to work that we decide not to question or see what is clearly in front of our eyes: they were rude to the waiter, speaks ill of others, is rude to you, etc. We don’t stop to ask, “What does all of this mean about their character?”
3. Never separate someone from their family, background, education, belief system, etc. Asking clear questions can clarify this. Ask questions like, “What does it mean to have a simple lifestyle?” “What are your expectations of marriage?” “How would you help around the house?” Compare your definition with theirs.
4. Be flexible. Be open-minded!
5. Giving in a happy marriage should not be confused with martyrdom. It should be about taking pleasure and seeing the other person as happy because of your connection with them.
6. Morality and spirituality are the qualities that truly define someone in addition to beauty, money, and health. The morally upright and spiritual person will stand by your side during adversity and hardship. If someone isn’t God-conscience and doesn’t take themselves into account with God then why should you expect them to fulfill their rights owed to you? The ideal partner is someone who considers giving a gain and not causing a loss. Having a mutual and shared spiritual relationship will foster a successful marriage. Furthermore, a successful marriage is one that keeps the laws of family purity which require a certain degree of self-control and self-discipline, as well as the belief that the physical side of the relationship includes the spiritual and emotional side as well. Finding commonality and balance between the spiritual and emotional aspects of a relationship is a strong key to a healthy and thriving marriage.

The above article was [in part] inspired by and adapted from a presentation by Rabbi Dov Heller, M.A.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Want some change!

And I am back from the Islamic conference. I really didnt want to leave, I had such an amazing time, learnt ALOT, met more sisters, had a great time chilling and staying up with the cardiffian and london room mates, and the shopping! New abayas and scarfs and more scarfs!
I'm too tired to go into detail about the lectures but they were soooo good! Humorous but direct and made very important points.
The past few mornings i stayed awake till fajr prayed fajr outside and just had easy-going days (no little children ro look after, no housework to do) it was amazing!
I sure wouldnt mind going there every month.

Now I'm back here. Old routine. And a big list of things to do, and these things are on going not just a small to-do list!
I've had a cold since thrusday and at Jimas i stayed up alot so got like 2 or 3 hours sleep a day and right now I just feel like nocking out. But dad wants me to help him with stuff, as soon as im back i already have people asking of me. Of course I wont refuse but its stressing me out because I'm ill and tired and want to go through my islamic notes and need to revise!!

I loved that bit of change, wish it could have been longer :( and now i want to move away from here, like move house. I just feel fed up here. It was like a different country in Liecester, maybe because we were all Muslims at the same place for the same reason and were so relaxed because islam was the only thing we were concerned about, but now I'm back to my duties, my studies, my family and I don't know where I'm going.

It's such a confued, frustrated, kind of worried feeling.
Confused because I don't know how to do what I want in life, frustrated because I'm so bored of the same old routine here and i feel like so much is needed to be done but I can't do it! And I'm worried because what if I fail in my goals and expectations. I don't think I explained it good enough but I don't understand it myself lol.
I think i might just need some sleep! Better read Salah and help dad, then I'll sleep.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


The next 4 days are going to be looonngg days! Packed with Islamic lectures!!

Yup im off to leicester (however you spell it lol) for the islamic conference.
Mum didnt allow me and sister to go last year but this year, alhamdulillah, she was cool with it so ive been well excited today!! Packing and getting myself ready. But now i feel a cold or something coming on :( alhamdulillah its kwl. Some of my sins will get expiated while im gaining knowledge lol, i really can't wait, i know it will give me such an emaan boost.

Let me just share with you some of the details-
Confirmed Speakers:
1. Salim Al Amry... See More
2. Suhaib Hasan
3. Mamdouh Mohamed
4. Shabir Ally
5. Hesham Al Awadi
6. Abu Muntasir

1. Battlefield Heart: The Assault of Sins
2. Battlefield Heart: The Defence of Faith
3. Purification of the Soul
4. Letting the Jewels of the Heart Shine
5. Until the Sun Rises from the West
6. Dignity of Good Manners - Respect for God’s Creation
7. A Believer’s Wait for Recognition by Allah
8. The Double-edged weapon of Knowledge & Worship
9. The Two Goals of Justice and Mercy
10. Witnessing Muhammad as Allah’s Slave and Messenger
11. Conviction that Merits Success
12. Darkness in the Heart

How awesome is that?!! :D

Anywho i need to get an early night tonight. Have to be up at 8ish, which is very hard for me lol.
Will be back in a few days, safe and well inshaAllah. Until then peace out brothers and sisters, take care.