Monday, 26 April 2010

EARLY start!

Asalaamulaikum dudes!
I have finally managed to wake up for fajr and stay awake and do some work! :D

Since a week or so I have been trying to change my routine because I sleep too much (and still feel tired) and I have lots of things to do! I decided to sleep around 11 then wake up for fajr and stay awake then sleep between Zuhr and Asr.
My fajr salah has been missed for a few days because like I said, I sleep too much.
But I know it's not a light matter and I pray Allah keeps giving me the strength to pray it everyday.

I managed to type up my essay this morning, ok that doesn't sound like much but I feel like its a good accomplishment when I say 'I finished my essay' :) alhamdulillah. Oh wait, I'm 5 words over the word limit, my conclusion is a tad bit short and I have not done the references, I hate these little things, I can't be bothered to do them because they take ages but gotta be done I guess.

I feel like a nice cold bowl of coco-pops :)

Exams start in 2 weeks and I have not started memorising my notes! InshaAllah I'll be fine. As will those of you who also have exams, just keep your days productive and don't leave things to the last minute (I think I should take my own advice lol).

Ok as you can probably tell from my unstructured post I don't really have anything of interest to say. I shall be off, to touch up on the essay.

Goodmorning :)

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