Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Get Ready for Marriage

Asalaamulaikum! I know I have alienated blogger and blogging! Ah well what to do, life is so busy and so fast!
Half te time I cant even log in because I forget my password/ username looll

Anyways I managed to get in now because I wanted to share a link, very important for the sisters, I just signed up and I am sure it's going to be a worthwhile experience!
One thing I aim to get out of it is to find myself! My stable self! I thought I was stable and had my footing secure but things happened and turns out I wasn't as secure as I thought, or maybe I'm just maturing and my thinking and views are developing, never the less I need to get this spouse search going while improving myself too.

Check out the following link and share it inshaAllah


Monday, 6 December 2010

Tackling Pornography Addiction

Salaam!! :D looongg time again!

Just wanted to share a link or two with you to share with EVERYONE!
Brother Zeyad Ramadan had started a campaign to help Muslims with pornography addiciton. Trust me ude be surprised how many people need help with this issue!

As Muslims we need to help our brothers, help the families, imagine how many marriages can be saved by raising awareness of this issue and helping people get help to recover from such addictions.

**Purify Your Gaze 5 week training program registration is now OPEN**
+ bonuses for those who register early!


For more info about the campaign check out :


There are also really interesting videos that have been shared the past couple of weeks. Here they are:

Video #1
The elephant in the masjid:
(Sorry I cant find the link for this but follow any of the other links and inshaAllah you will find it sooner or later)

Video #2
Story of a brother who broke free from his 24year addiciton to pornography!

Video #3
Steps to purifying your gaze:

Video #4

Please do share this content with EVERYONE! Help tackle the issue that so many are suffering from but so many shun away!

P.s. Registraion (+ bonuses) closes on Friday 10th December!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Too much clutter!

Salaam... Thankyou for the 'welcome back's :) makes me feel loved lol
I missed you girls!

InshaAllah I will be blogging again, but maybe once a week or so.
Things are soo busy these days! I'm always de-cluttering. I think I do it too much and that wastes time.

But I know de-cluttered space = a de-cluttered mind and a de-cluttered mind = increased productvitity and contentment (because time is being spent sincerely on things that actually matter).
As I said I evaluate myself a lot, maybe that has lead to the need to constantly de-clutter, is it a good thing?
I think so, but not when the de-cluttering takes up my spare time! lol

I go to uni, I am involved with the Islamic Society, I teach at a weekend Islamic school, I do weekly tutoring for a couple of hours and I am part of an online website team. These are my big committments. Then I have learning arabic (which has been neglected) and learning more about Islam (which has slowed down because I am trying to perfect and act on the knowledge alrady gained) and then there's learning about the universe (by watching no more than half an hour of vids on youtube, I do this because its so amazing and I feel like it makes my love for Allah even stronger). And I also paint as a hobby (which I need to make money from inshaAllah, but need more time). And then there's the basics- praying, quran, housework, visiting family, looking after family, looking after myself, assignments, lecture reading, islamic events... PHEW! It sounds like a lot, and feels like a lot more! lol... And I may be taking up another committment soon with an Eid committee... and my room needs to be tidied!! mess just annoys me so much especially if I feel like my head is a mess! lol.

Just needed your advice. Is there things which you think I should not focus on as much? Any way you think I can accomplish a lot and work at my best but still be involved in all of the above?

I need to change my routine a bit, Ive been working on early nights so I shall sleep after this post (just after 11pm).

It's just one of those days where I feel like a mess... had uni then meeting then tutoring then needed to do some uni work but didnt! (just wasted time looking for hoodies online!) anywho... any tips and/or encouragement would be greatly appreciated :)


p.s. I also used some free time today to de-clutter my hotmail inbox! now I only have a few unread messages as opposed to the previous 100+.. atleast something was achieved today lol

Friday, 8 October 2010

Guess whos back

Asalaamualikum :) I know I have been off the radar for a looonngg time...
just couldnt be bothered tbh

but an update-

sis is engaged and getting married next summer inshaAllah.

Mum just came back out from hospital again, after being there a week.

Uni has started again and I am a busy bee... but

a lot-ish has happened and alhamdulillah I have grown more

I've also recently been evaluating myself almost everyday, sometime I know I think too much. But sometimes we need to. To find ourself and keep our perspective on life the way it should be. Us and Allah.
Although I will learn from my mums mistake and talk more when I'm stressed rather than keeping it in. As she told me the other day 'I use to keep everything inside, I wouldnt even tell my parents anything about what was going wrong in the marriage and how hard it was, I thought I was strong, but I guess I was wrong'- she said this while in hospital the other day. And it woke me up some more, it's amazing how our hearts can grab onto things and re-awaken us again and again. I think I'm strong enough, maybe it's self-illusion.
And right now I am kinda just bit lost again, gathering up the positive thoughts and finding myself again to let the light of Allah into my heart. I feel it's been missing a bit, darkness crept in. But I've learnt a lot about myself, and about life. Still lots more to learn. Lots more.
But regarding Islam, I need to refresh the knowledge I already have and act on as much of it as I can step by step so I don't go back but keep stepping forward.

My mind just feels a bit cloudy right now. I know where I need to go, but the clouds seem to be thick so it's taking me a while. But if you walk to Allah He wil run to you so inshaAllah I will be super duper close to Him soon.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Just natter :)

Asalaamulaikum :D

I know it's been about 2 weeks since I last posted something. A lot has been going on.

Finding myself again, went through such great lifts of emaan ALHAMDULILLAH I've been at such peace.
Mum's in hospital again
And there's been talks about sisters marriage.
As for myself. Give it a few months inshaAllah and I can tell the parents. (Providing my sister's side of things is confirmed and clear and I have my sister's support and a good script ready lol)

Right now I am just sooo looking forward to Ramadan. I'm worried I won't get things done though :( these days time is going scarily fast and as each day passes, evening time approaches and I always ask myself- what have I done today that has been of benefit for my akhirah, and the answers worry me! lol. But even if I am with family, I should make my intentions pure and inshaAllah Allah will reward that, I am always remembering Allah in everything I do though so alhamdulillah I am always aware I need to use time wisely.

Like today, had family around and kids and cousins and grandmother and aunty, so did alot of feeding and dishes and just keeping company (as one of my cousins is disabled) and maybe that was going on for about 5hours, I spoke to my cousin about Islam, make sure she knows the basics, and I remembered the hadith about 'if a person looks after the needs of another then Allah will look after his needs', I think I will remmeber that all the time when doing things for the fam :) makes me feel like my time is spent in a good way...rather than thinking I havent accomplished anything.

I'm kinda tired now. I won't be blogging much from now I don't think. Unless I really have to. I just need to come on before Ramadan once more to remind myself of my Ramadan goals :D

I hope you're all well.

I pray Allah makes you able to reap the full benefits of Ramadan and keeps you strong in emaan throughout the year.


Friday, 23 July 2010

Productive Ramadan

Asalaamulaikum :D

I came across a GREAT initiative!! For Ramadan. I am soooo excited about it and this project that will be going on looks super awesome!

Awesome enough for me to share it with you guys. Please join in, sign up to the mailing list and make your Ramadan veryy Productive!

Don't forget to share on your blogs please and share through facebook, twitter, e-mail etc.
Imagine the reward for helping people to make the most of their Ramadan. Muslims will no longer have a lazy image when Ramadan comes, lets revive the Ummah and bring back the productivity of Islam into our lives

Click this link- ProductiveRamadan.com


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Ramadan...It's coming!!!!! ^_^

Salaaammm lovellyyy people. I am alhamdulillah in a very good mood :D

Ramadan is sooo close! I am fasting today, didn't realise it was 1st Sha'ban though when I woke up before Fajr lol. Alhamdulillah it's going ok... I know I need to really take my iron tablets before Ramadan though, so I dont get too weak.

I just wanted to post up my Ramadan goals... Last year I didn't really have any aims but I did finish reading the english translation of the meaning of the Quran and I did learn a few dua's and things but this year, I am aiming HIGH.
A few aims which I hope to achieve this Ramadan:

- Finish the Qur'an (I always attempt this but either just about make it or fall a bit short because of that time... have to work around it and make sure I dont fall behind!)

- Memorize Allah's names (preferably with meaning, I knew them before but then I went down to just knowing the arabic and now even the arabic ones I've forgotten some and just get mixed up)

- Read through the translation of the meaning of the Quran (yup I haven't read through it since last year!)

- Learn Qur'anic arabic. (A shortcourse can be found at- understandquran.com just click on short courses and go on 'English 2007' Ive had a brief skim and it looks ok.)

- Learn daily dua's (for everyday things like changing clothes, leaving the house, when it rains etc. etc.)

- Try and learn as much as I can about the Seerah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad salallahu 'alaihi wa sallam

- Memorize a few surahs (I want to know atleast 25 of the last ones in Juz 30, I know some already, and if I can maybe a bigger one like surah Fajr, Naba, Mulk, Waqiah or something)

- I want to hold an islamic cirlce at my house a few times a week after taraweeh inshaAllah. Always great to remember Allah and be surrounded by angels, especially in Ramadan :)

- And if I can fit this in, I want to learn about the sahabah, even if I know just an overall picture of the ones most commonly mentioned

and yup that's what I aim to accomplish inshaAllah. I'm so excited! And the past couple of days have been rather great because I think I am actually learning to manage my time well. I have a to-do list and write everything big and small on it and now I have less time just sitting around thinking of something to do and more time getting through what needs to be done. And if I do have a moment of doing nothing I feel like 'time is wastinnnng...must find something to do..!' and just pick up an islamic book or something :) it's rather productive. Alhamdulillah.

May Allah help us all to make the most of the blessed month of Ramadan, accept our deeds and make us firm on the Deen. Ameen.