Monday, 6 December 2010

Tackling Pornography Addiction

Salaam!! :D looongg time again!

Just wanted to share a link or two with you to share with EVERYONE!
Brother Zeyad Ramadan had started a campaign to help Muslims with pornography addiciton. Trust me ude be surprised how many people need help with this issue!

As Muslims we need to help our brothers, help the families, imagine how many marriages can be saved by raising awareness of this issue and helping people get help to recover from such addictions.

**Purify Your Gaze 5 week training program registration is now OPEN**
+ bonuses for those who register early!

For more info about the campaign check out :

There are also really interesting videos that have been shared the past couple of weeks. Here they are:

Video #1
The elephant in the masjid:
(Sorry I cant find the link for this but follow any of the other links and inshaAllah you will find it sooner or later)

Video #2
Story of a brother who broke free from his 24year addiciton to pornography!

Video #3
Steps to purifying your gaze:

Video #4

Please do share this content with EVERYONE! Help tackle the issue that so many are suffering from but so many shun away!

P.s. Registraion (+ bonuses) closes on Friday 10th December!