Thursday, 29 April 2010

My Inspiration

Just thought I'de write this up so I can look back at it and keep my inspiration engine revvvving :)
So here's some people who inspire me in different aspects of my life, my thoughts and ambitions, my goals and aspirations.

Malcom X & Muhammad Ali- nuff said :)
Great men, done extremely well throughout their lives in the sense that they gained success in the eyes of the generations to come and their lives hold so many lessons for all of us. How they followed their own stars and didn't trail behind the herd of sheep. How they both found Islam and found true peace despite the difficulties around them. We can learn how our fears of 'what will people think' should NEVER hold us back, we should hold on tight to what we believe, for justice and for truth, no matter how many boulders block our way. The hearts of these men were/ are so pure and so good, only filled with desire for love and brotherhood.

On a different note you have;
Mohammed Ali Aerosol Arabic- You have to check his work out, sooo talented mashaAllah-
His work never fails to amaze me. Shows what you can do if you keep working on your strengths.

Sister Farzana Khundmir- she is the founder of www.TheMuslimCoach.Com. She trained as a Life Coach, in Canada, under Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef, and obtained her degree in Psychology from University College London. She specialises in business coaching, marketing and web design. She has also conducted numerous workshops and webinars. Sister Farzana is passionate about helping sisters uncover their hidden potential.

Sister Fatima Barkatualla
Mother of 3 boys aged 8, 6 and 4...has homeschooled and now has children at school. Has written for various Muslim and non-Muslim publications including emel Magazine, SISTERS Magazine, The Muslim Weekly, The Times newspaper and Times Online. Presenter for the Ask About Islam show on Radio Reality. Has been an Arabic language teacher and is an iERA da'wah course instructor.

Zohra Sarwari
International Speaker, International Author, Home Schooling teacher, and Life and Business Coach- her motto;
"Do Your Best And Let The Creator Take Care Of The Rest"

Its amazing to see how people progress and develop, they not only help themselves in the process but help others, eveyrone starts small but as time goes on things get bigger and better, I haven't failed to notice the efforts put in by regular people in order to achieve their goals, and this really motivates me, take the following for example;

The brothers and sisters behind
Productive Muslim and Productive Muslimah-

And habibi halaqas-

And I'll leave it at that :)

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  1. Jazakhallah sis, I am humbled by your words. May Allah grant you the best in this world and the next. Wassalam Farzana.