Saturday, 15 May 2010

I can be anywhere do anything and be mindful of God...

Asalaamulaikum :)

I am a very happy chappy today alhamdulillah (well now I am, I'm not sure how I was during the day lol) anywho... I went to see my cousin in hospital, on the way there, when I was walking toward the hospital I saw a brother walking toward me (so the opposite way) I just looked once and tried to restrain myself because ofcourse second look is sinful and he looked religious, islamic clothing, and a beard, (can't be too sure about his religiousness but what is built up inwardly, usually manifests itself outwardly). I passed him and thought...'hmm I need to meet my husband soon lol hope he looks like that'.. na anyways that weren't the point of this post.

You know on the way back from the hospital, I saw alot of things that really made me think and reflect.
I saw this Asian guy, Bengali or Pakistani, walking and holding hands with a non-Muslim.
I'm not sure if he was Muslim but most likely was, can't help to think I'm so blessed to be guided. But it pains me to see the the Muslims doing what they are doing, indulging in the dunya, following their desires and forgetting who they are or what they are here for :( May Allah guide them and guide us. Ameen

And I saw girls, going out for their saturday night partying, clubbing, with their their hair and faces done and walking the streets in their little dresses and skirts, half naked...and the first thing I thought was 'it must be so hard for my brothers'.
Ofcourse its a sin to look at unlawful things, and you have to control your desires, but these people make it soooo hard for you (brothers).. Especially now summer is coming and the littlest bit of sunshine and everyones clothes come off! Astaghfirullah. Its hard to lower the gaze as it is but when people are dressed like that its 100 times harder, like for the sisters, the guys who walk around with no tops on, showing off their arms and their pacs!
Trials are everywhere, we have to be sooo careful and ALWAYS remember Allah is watching, the harder your struggle the greater the blessing. So keep striving for Allah's pleasure and stay away from places where it may make your situations much harder. But brothers, I do feel for you. Why can't these girls have abit of self-respect and modesty. Would make things so much easier for you lot. May Allah give you the strength to stay firm on the deen. Ameen

Last thing I'm going to touch on-
Ok so I was almost home, there were a few men, sorta young, probably drunk, walking down the road, me and mum went past and one of them just shouts 'Oi seexxxy!!' I was thinking 'wut? My mom?' lool joking.. I was so embarrassed, uneasy, I tried to pretend I heard nothing and just quickly got in the house. These people scare me.
Even at the hospital, I was in the day room place with my lil cousin and we had the tv on and a man came in and looked at us, stood there for a while watching the tv and then left. And then he came back and sat down next to me (there were other seats)...And I felt kinda uncomfortable. I know he was just a normal man sitting down but I still felt sort of like 'umm uh oh'..

Hmm... look all around you, doesn't it feel like a prison? The whole world as well as our own areas. Fear and injustice everywhere, so much sin all around us, so hard to be who we are. But I am greatly thankful that I am a Muslim, gives me the peace, and the community makes me feel safe and its a lovely warm feeling, so blessed. Alhamdulillah. :)

I'de like to end with a few lines from this song:

I wont cry over a world that can't change my life I put my money on what lies ahead in paradise

(A land called Paradise: Kareem Salama)


  1. Omg! I sometimes think that too. How hard would it be for men! Half naked women everywhere dude. On magazines, ads, as soon you enter a store, while driving, as soon as you go out the car. May Allah make it easier for all of us to keep our nazr down and to stay away from sin. Ameen!! =)

  2. this relates to my new post check it out plus, i totally agree with muslimah93

  3. Ameen! x
    Will check it out sis Khadijah. :)