Friday, 18 June 2010


Salaam dudes and dudettes... I hope you're all good. I feel rather bored on here, feel like changing the blog design again, but this one looks so neat!

Anyways... Anyone know anyone who is a marriage mentor?

P.s. I gave 'My 1st Prospect' a name- ZAHID. I don't know where it came from but it means devotee, religious or something along them lines. Jst thought I should add an identity lol, although it is not his real name ofcourse.
Oh wait I could have called him Yusuf, I love that name.

My days have not been that busy buuut my mornings up to early afternoon are soo gay!!
wake up- housework- housework-housework- cook- cook- tidy- roti- clear up- ughh its so tedious and repetitive and drains all the enrgy out of me!
Annoys me because people don't put their effort in with the tidying, and things always get so messy again!! and I cant stand mess! really wrecks my mood.

Anywho washing machine is calling me ..yaaay(!) ¬_¬

entertain me dudes I need a reason to blog more lol, where are the fans?


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  1. Both Zahid and Yusuf are lovely names, mashaAllah. :D