Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Turning tables

Woop woop! Salaam dudes and dudettes.

I was going to write a post to weigh out the pros and cons of Mr Zahid, but then I thought that would be like exposing his faults, so I decided to leave it, instead I'll just say what you all probably know by now- he seems confused, doesnt know where to put his priorities? too busy? Although his emaan seems really good, he has quite a lot of knowledge mashaAllah he is funny and has good looks and is focused on his goal of helping the Ummah... but ye so I am just letting go of the whole situation
and focusing on deeny matters :) got soooo much to do, read, learn. And especially as Ramadan is cominngggg!!! :D

Oh and yay I have an award for blogging! From my lovely big sis in Islam Is-za Jelass Thankyou :) now I have defo got to raise standard of my blog. I know exactly how (I think lol).
Ok the rules of the award are to say where you see in yourself in 10 years and also pass the award on to 10 other bloggers.

Hmm.... this will take me a while...

In 10 years INSHAALLAH I want to be here or in an Islamic country, with a stable family life with about 2 beautiful children and a very practising Muslim husband from the west. I want to be studying Islam and teaching it to others in my own Islamic school or class sort of thing. Even if it is a just a weekly class with about 30 children. I intend to be living a very simple life, no extravagance or riches just Allah, Islam and my family (ofcourse a small house and food aswel! oh and maybe camel :) ) I want to have my own psychological practice/ clinic (if I have done a phD by then) or work in a place that gives councel and adivce to Muslims and those with mental problems or be a marriage mentor. Whichever way the wind blows. Just something so that I can try and get rid of some distress from peoples lives. I also want to adopt an orphan! Definately.

From now I aim to study Islam with the resources I have, try and get closer to the Qur'an to get closer to Allah and memorise as much of the Qur'an as I can after learning tajweed, I want to learn the arabic language and be an aalima (inshaAllah!)that is something I reallyyyy want to do, and I want to have a little side business of maybe selling some art and donating some of the earnings to charity, I also aim to learn the exercise of Rakha and become an instructor so I can benefit the Muslim women and their health as well as myself. And ofcourse studying in uni to my best so I can be in the job I want inshaAllah
Ok I feel like I dont have enough aims lol maybe I do and more will add on as tim goes but I just need to make sure I find the means to reach these goals and STICK TO THEM! inshaAllah. I feel very motivated now so I will begin doing today what I can.
Keep each other in your du'as :) May Allah give us all success in everything we do, help us to do it for His pleasure and work in His cause, and keep us guided on the straight path. Ameen

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