Monday, 29 March 2010

Dreams Dreams Dreams

I'm not talking about the ones you have when your asleep. (Although they are ever so fascinating). I'm talking about life dreams, dreams that each individual aspires to accomplish some day.
My list growns and alters and decreases and increases ever so often.

My one BIG dream is to set up a small weekly islamic class for girls, ages between 7-19 years maybe, (the youth are not holding onto deen as much as they should), anyway- a nice building, clean and full of a positive spiritual atmosphere, and a lovely garden outside for the younger ones to play in. I was looking through the argos catalogue and seen some cool climbing frames and such, thought it would be amazing if i could one day create a place for children to be free and explore. Kids are deprived of such joyful discovery these days, theres always fear around the place. I hope to run this place with my husband who could set up a boys class too inshaAllah.

I also want to go Palestine soon, help the poor brothers and sisters who are in need. I hate to be sitting here in a life of luxury while the Ummah are struggling for their lives :( really want to bring even a bit of happiness to them, and moreso please Allah by doing my duty.

A little dream thathas been lighting up my thoughts these days is painting. Ive always been creative and wanted to do something on the side, as a hobby but something thatcould bring benefit. So i finally discovered- islamic calligraphy. Ive menationed it before so i wont go on about it. But basically selling islamic calligraphy paintings and things would be awesome! InshaAllah

Okay i think thats the only 3 big dreams i have. I have the smaller ones of being a wife, a mother, being able tolive according to the Qur'an and Sunnah and lead a happy balanced life. Balance between physical and spiritual states, balance between family and community, and religion and work. Im sure all these things can go hand in hand, if i do things properly. Theres no time like the present though, so I'm sort of grasping the means to achieve my goals now. Better to start sooner than later. But what Allah has written for me, may not be what i want right now. Allah knows best and His plans are always successful so I shouldnt plan too much because I have no control over the future. Nevertheless its good to set high aims, 'you achieve only as much as you intend' so aim higher and higher you will be, inshaAllah.

Anywho, i justleft my revision-note making because i had these thoughts lol. Better get back to it, because my education is one way in which I can be of assistance in Palestine and help myself and my family and the community over here. Plus more money = more oppurtunities, more to give to charity, and better chances of making the dreams come true.
I think i'll be back tonight, after the monday halaqa. I think we are going to be discussing marriage issues or hadith about the Qur'an. InshaAllah I will share it with you :) peace out for now x

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