Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A quick one

I said I would post again at night so here I am.
The halaqa was rather interesting, discussed marriage stuff, the ayah about husband and wife being garments of one another- "They are your garments and ye are their garments." [2:187] its very deep, ill just summarise it- basically they should protect, comfort, cover, support, honour, guard and beautify one another. I think in our next halaqa we are going to go more in depth with marriage stuff, in 2weeks time inshaAllah. I love it, it's so relaxed and friendly and all us sisters are such good company, i love how we gather for the sake of Allah and discuss topics in Islam and always leave feeling in a state of high emaan and it motivates me to keep striving on this path.
Oh ye and we had some delicious chocolate muffins and cake after, mmmmmm anywho... Time was going nice and slow until 1 o'clock, i managed to (not do any more revision) but listen to an islamic lecture, and read like maybe 15 islamic articles on facebook. Now its getting late.
I really want to buy some hoodies and t-shirts with islamic slogans, so im just surfing the net right now, and also feel like reading! Which is quite rare lol actually if its islamic based then i love it. I'm looking for novel kind of books, which have a theme of religion and have morals and stories that us individuals can relate to and learn from. If anyone has any recommendations please comment.
JazakAllah khair :)


  1. Our ISOC had the most amazing marriage talk. I took like 6 pages of notes. The speaker is my hero and we're arranging to get him down again for our Islamic Awareness Week Insha'Allah.

    I'm waiting on the other parts to be uploaded and I'll send you a link to your email address insha'Allah.

    Bizarre suggestion but I read I am legend and I really enjoyed it. Just understanding the feeling of being alone and in seclusion you can begin linking it to Islamic greats or our past. Those scholars who spent years in prison, whom are now role models for us. I just found it extremely gripping. Along with the whole idea of having hope. It really adds to the incentive when you have Allah(swt) in your life.

  2. Ooh kwl... who was the speaker?
    Does my email add come up on my profile? lol i dont even know.
    yeah ok kwl ill check that out, thanx :)

  3. Ilyas Kirmani - Yeah it does.

    oooo I have to share this gem to read: http://jasminesyard.blogspot.com

    I stumbled across it last year just when I started mine and she is such a talented writer masha'allah. Be sure to put the kettle on because I remember reading it from the very start all the way til fajr - I was hooked! Start from 'my earliest memory'!

    I have to say, it was a journey and a half that showed me things from a completely different perspective. I helped me in many different ways.