Sunday, 28 March 2010

Just a little natter :)

Asalaamulaikum, Havent been on for a few days, to be honest the reason was because after my last post, i stayed up engaged in ibadah and i realised how much time i wasted trying to get into this blogging thing. Moderation is the key! A big thing to remember.

But ye, had a little 'party' at the islamic school on saturday. I thought all the children would be dresed in eid clothes, and i thought the other teachers would atleast wear nice abayas, so i wore a nice elegant black one with brown beads and embroidery (so glad i didnt go for the black and green one) everyone was wearing normal clothes!! haha. And then the kids were going crazy with the bouncy castle and painting and the snacks! Alhamdulillah it was lovely though.
But i have sooo much university work to do. Im sure others of you are like this, where you know you have things to do which are important yet youjust do the less importsnt things thatyou actually want to do. And now its nearly second week of holidays and ive done nothing. Familys always asking for help too and time goes soo quick. I just need to make sure i get started and not stress!

I find it not quite right though if i go more than a few hours without doing something islamic. And write now im going over my arabic writing, i really want to start arabic calligraphy and sell my work inshaAllah once its good enough. :) halaal money!
Anywho Ive been in bed a few hours today since i came back from helping my dad with cleaning the shop. Wasnt feeling too well, but i know Allah is always here and He knows my pain, so patience will ve rewarded inshaAllah and with pain our sins are expiated so us muslims, we are winners all round. SubhanAllah.

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