Monday, 29 March 2010

Zahir Mahmood

Such a great speaker mashaAllah. Listening to a few of his lectures about the early martyrs of Islam. These things really have such a great impact! Puts things into perspective. This world is insignificant.
One thing i pray for is to die as a martyr. The things we do in the places we are cannot be anything compared to that of the actions of the sahabah, so honoured to be in the presence of the Prophet (salallhu 'alaihi wasallam), they showed such courage and bravery, such love for the Prophet and for the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and such desire of Jannah. I wish i could be like them even a fraction!
I know in our time we have soo much corruption at every corner, and that is the test for us, but i know im not doing enough, im not even much of a good Muslim (Allah knows best) i fall into traps easily. Although i think i am getting better lol alhamdulillah.
Theres a hadith- which i cant find. Bascially if one prays to die in the way of Islam, as a martyr then he will be at the status of the martyrs even if he died in his bed.

May Allah make us strong and steadfast in our emaan, may He help us to carry out our duties correctly as Muslims and be obedient servants, to love His Messenger, to love Him with all our heart and do everything to attain His love mercy and pleasure. May He save us from the punishment in the grave and the hellfire and grant us a place close to Him in Jannah. Ameen


  1. Zahir's a class act! He gave a quality talks on Khalid bin Walid - His style of delivery is quality!

    p.s Try to pace your content - A tip to maintaining good form on a blog ;)

  2. ye i was trying to find that talk on Khalid bin Walid... that brother (in my 'i miss him' post referref his talks to me)

    Pace my content? lol.. i just plonk it all on the page me, cant b botherd lol. I bet if i re-read some stuff i write, i will be like 'wa the....' but oh well lol. You mean space it out or something? so its more readable?

  3. Pace as in the number of posts. It's just that I've seen blogs start off so well and then eventually die. Just keep things paced and consistent :)